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10 Steps to Selling a Property

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You’re thinking of selling, but don’t know where to start. At Besser and Co, we are experienced real estate agents who understands your uncertainty and can guide you through the processes, so you feel confident.

1. Research the market

Research what the current situation is in the property market and get a specific view on what is happening in your suburb. Understand the fluctuations over the last few months and years to get a better idea of what price you would be happy to sell your property.

2. Get a property appraisal

Learn how much your property is approximately worth in the current market. If you’re on the fence about selling or renting, it could be good to get a property management company in as well. Interview 3-4 local real estate agents, and choose an agent who is aligned with your personality and needs.   

3. Choose a method of sale

Decide whether to sell by private sale or auction. Be led by your real estate agent as to what method the market responds to best, but also understand what is best for your own personal circumstance.

4. Prepare your property for sale

Preparation and styling can lead to significant increases in the sale price of your property. Look to depersonalise your home, remove any clutter and fix any minor faults.

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5. Hire a conveyancer

With the automation of funds and titles transfers, it’s best to get a conveyancer to do all the legal work for the property’s sale.

6. Marketing your property

Marketing your property will be the key to your sale’s success, so discuss with your real estate agent their plan that targets the right market, ensuring you have a presence both online and in print.

7. Open For Inspection

Once your property goes online, your real estate agent will get calls from interested buyers and organise open for inspections. You will need to have your property perfect all the time. At auction, if the bids go above your nominated reserve, the highest bidder successfully buys your property. At private sale, your real estate agent will receive offers and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price.

8. Contract signed, deposit paid

Once the property has been sold by auction or negotiated by private sale, the Contract of Sale is signed and exchanged. An agreed deposit amount must also be paid by the buyer, usually around 10% of the total purchase price.

9. Property settles

Your conveyancer or lawyer will work with the buyer in the approach to settlement to ensure all legal matters are handled, payments are finalised and the keys can be given to the new owner.

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1 0. Celebrate

You’ve done it! Go and celebrate!

If you’re thinking of selling your property and are looking for an experienced, helpful and dedicated real estate agent, contact the team at Besser and Co. today.

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