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Real Estate Elwood

Distance from CBD

Distance from CBD

6 km

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Popular Cafe

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Elwood Real Estate

Elwood is an inner suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located 8 kms from Melbourne’s Central Business District. Its local government area is the City of Port Phillip.

Elwood is a vibrant suburb in Melbourne, home to people of all ages. Many singles, couples and families yearn to move to Elwood because it is located close to the city, St Kilda beach, shopping strips, parks and various outdoor entertainment amenities. The largest shopping strip is Elwood Village which extends along two main sections of Ormond Road.

Elwood’s beaches are accompanied by a series of continuous parks and separate paved walking and bicycle trails. The northern end of the coast is M.O. Moran Reserve and the southern point is Point Ormond Reserve. The highest peak along the parkland is Point Ormond Hill which has great northerly views of the city skyline.

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Real Estate Agents Elwood - Apartment For Sale In Elwood

Why Choose Besser and Co. For Real Estate Service in Elwood?

At Besser and Co., we are not your ordinary real estate Elwood agent. We are property specialists who understand the goals of sellers and lessors. We make the end-to-end process simple, so that you can focus on other things in your life. Whether you would like to sell your property, or lease out your property, we can help you complete these activities. At Besser and Co., we have access to the best real estate platforms, a suite of resources, a team of experienced agents, a list of individuals who are keen to buy or lease properties, and access to the latest market information.

Depending on the service package acquired, we will conduct various tasks during the sale or lease process including assessing market value or rent, marketing the property, opening the property to the public, responding to queries, providing you with updates and helping you choose a buyer or tenant. The price will vary depending on the type of services acquired. All of these activities will be managed by a qualified real estate Elwood agent who will work with you to achieve the outcome you want.

Why Do We Need Real Estate Agents in Elwood?

For those who own a property in Elwood, the team at Besser and Co. can assist you with your real estate requirements. If you are planning to sell or lease your home or investment property, we have a team of real estate agents Elwood that is ready to support you through the journey and perform all activities in accordance with applicable legal requirements. You will enter into a management agreement us, i.e. a Sales Agency Agreement (for the sale of a property) or a Property Management Agreement (for the lease of a property). These agreements provide us with exclusivity to perform our services for a particular period of time.

We pride ourselves on timely and comprehensive communications so that you are kept up-to-date with progress and we work responsibly and reliably to avoid disappointment. While we cannot guarantee the time it will take to sell or lease your property, we understand the dynamics of the real estate market and respond quickly to changes to keep you up-to-date with new developments. This will help to you achieve a targeted result that will suit your expectations and requirements.

Get in Touch with our Real Estate Elwood Team Today

If you need any help selling or leasing your property in Elwood, or would like a quick chat, contact the team at Besser and Co. today. We’re here to help you get the best price for your home or investment property, or lease out your property to reliable tenants for a stable income. We’re not your typical real estate Elwood agents, nor do we follow traditional approaches. Our commitment to your satisfaction is second to none and we won’t stop until you get the result you expect.

Please contact us on (03) 9531 1000 or send us an email to

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