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About Besser + Co. Property Management

Successfully managing your investment property takes more than just collecting rent and responding to maintenance. It takes building relationships, efficient systems, incorporating the latest technology and having the overall goal to provide the highest level of service and representing our clients best interests at all times and showcasing why we are the leading property management company in Melbourne.

In fewer words, our aim is to manage your property as if it were our own.

We offer a complete service to our valuable customers with a team of well experienced professionals who can advise on insurance claims, maintenance recommendations, VCAT hearings, dispute resolution and tenant selection. As a result, we are listed among the top property management companies in the real estate industry.

Click on the link below to download our guide to “Property Management a Better Way”. This brochure was designed to help you understand our internal administrative processes more clearly. We believe that if you understand our processes more clearly, we will be able to better serve you.

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REIV Awards For Excellence 2022 Finalist

With a local body in every state of the country, the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) aims to bring uniform legislation for the real estate practice, coordinate training and educational facilities, and represent the interests of the sector and the interchange of rights and privileges between members in different states. Its Victorian counterpart, the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), is a peak representative body for real estate practitioners in the state. The REIV Awards For Excellence was launched by the organisation to recognise the outstanding achievement of residential property management teams. We are delighted to announce that Besser and Co. has been selected as the finalist for Residential Property Management Team of the Year 2022. The awards recognise, reward, and celebrate excellence in real estate practices and professionalism, providing the participants with a chance to highlight their most outstanding qualities, most significant successes and creative initiatives over the past 12 months.

Having worked with Victoria’s clients for over a decade, Besser and Co.’s reputation remains undefeated, evident from the accolades and recognitions in the industry. Our commitment to providing personalised service and building long-term partnerships has helped us deliver results. Work with our specialist team to experience the difference.

Tenant selection

Getting you the right tenant is paramount. Happy tenant, happy landlord. As a result we provide comprehensive reference checks on all of our prospective tenants. Our applications are digital which ensures all the information needed to make a decision is provided.

Click on the link below to download an example of the application that all tenants must fill out in full.

Download Example ApplicationView Example Application

Once the application has been received, reference checks confirmed and reviewed by one of our property managers, we will be in touch with you to discuss. While the final decision will always be yours, our team will advise on which applicant we think will be best suited to your property.


We are committed to provide the highest level of service possible. This is why we have a strong focus on communication. It is our policy to have all calls returned on the same day or within 24 hours. If it’s a case where one of our team members is out of the office and doesn’t return until the next day, we will endeavor to resolve this as quickly as possible through our large property management team. All of our team have direct phone numbers and are connected with our office reception so that calls can be transferred to them when they are on the road.

Rent processing and accounting

Your statement will be sent via email each month and will show you how much has been credited and how much has been debited. Our statements even show you a profit and loss graph over a period of time. At the end of each financial year, our team will provide you with an End of Financial Year report highlighting all credits and debits for that financial year to pass onto your accountant. If you wish, our team will even pay all of your outgoings for your property so that it can be neatly packaged with your EOFY report.

Why Choose A Property Management Company?

It is important to engage a Real Estate management company for your investment property so that they can manage the leasing, rental and ongoing relationship with your tenants. Managing an investment requires effort and takes time, so it is important to ensure that you can satisfy your obligations as a landlord, account for financial matters, stay up to date with the legislation and maintain a positive relationship with your tenants. By utilising a one of the top property management companies in Australia, Our property managers can seamlessly manage all the intricacies associated with managing your property. 

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A property management company provides end-to-end support for the rental aspects of your investment property. We take that extra weight off your shoulders when you need to attend to employment/business, family and other matters. Our company will take care of leasing the property, managing the tenants, conducting routine inspections, responding to queries from tenants, processing the financials and much more depending on the level of service required.

What Tasks Does A Property Manager In Melbourne Do?

A Property Manager in Melbourne is responsible for managing the landlord’s property in relation to the leasing, management and relationship with the tenants. Generally, the tasks involve:

  • assessing the value of the rent for the property by surveying the area;
  • leasing the property in accordance with the landlord’s instructions;
  • checking tenancy applications and making recommendations;
  • conducting an ingoing condition report of the property;
  • managing the submission of the bond to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority;
  • welcoming the tenants, providing keys and access equipment, and explaining any rules and conditions, including provision of keys and access information;
  • helping the tenants with connecting utilities and services;
  • responding to queries from tenants (including maintenance requests);
  • receiving the periodic rent and transferring that to the landlord, after accounting for outgoings;
  • conducting regular routine inspections of the property and reporting back to the landlord;
  • arranging a final inspection and assessing the condition of the property;
  • collecting keys from the tenants and organising the return of the bond; and
  • providing a summary of the financials at the end of a financial year.

Other tasks can be performed depending on the service package acquired.

property managers melbourne

What Do Our Property Managers Offer You?

Property Managers help make a landlord’s job easy and assist in maximising the investor’s return on investment. Property Managers help landlords control the income return on their property by assessing the property’s rent, selecting reliable tenants, processing financials, checking the condition of the property during the tenancy and reassessing the correct market rent. Their goal is to make their clients less worried about their investment, so that they can focus on other matters throughout the day.

property management companies

Managing a property on your own is like a second part-time job. You will need to conduct all the tasks on your own and without any guidance. Alternatively, by engaging a property manager from one of the leading property management companies who has the credentials, resources and experience to back their services makes it an easy decision for savvy investors.  Coupling this expertise with knowledge of the local area, our friendly team will help ease the burden and allow you to focus on your job, your family and your social life!

Besser + Co. Marketing

At Besser + Co., we pride ourselves on being industry leaders and among the top property management companies when it comes to marketing your property. This means being 100% digital to keep costs affordable and cost effective for our clients. Our website includes some of the most advanced features like 360 degree video capability and an inspection scheduling system which allows prospective tenants to book an inspection without even picking up the phone.


Besser + Co. sales properties feature on five major national & international real estate websites:


Being digital gives us a competitive advantage. We collect every name, number and email address for every tenant who enquires about one of our rental properties. This allows our database to match potential tenants in our system to your property and automatically notify them the moment your property hits the market.

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Besser + Co. Management

Ingoing inspection

Before a new tenant moves into your property, a detailed report is created to capture the condition of the property. This will include photos and notes on the condition of your property prior to their lease starting. This report is provided to the tenant before they move in so that they have a clear record of the way we expect them to leave the property when they eventually decide to vacate.

Routine inspections

Regular routine inspections are conducted at Besser + Co. One of our property managers team will arrange a time to meet the tenant at the property to document its condition and keep an eye out for any maintenance they may have failed to report. Like the ingoing report, this report will include photos and notes. We will also make recommendations for what we expect the tenant to do in order to improve the condition of the property and a further section providing recommendations to the landlord.

Outgoing inspection

Once the tenant returns the keys to our office, one of our team will inspect the property to report on its condition. We will report back to you with any works that are required before the new tenant moves in and use the Ingoing Condition report as a guide to ensure the property is returned in the same condition as it was leased to them. If there is a dispute with the tenant about the property condition, we are also experienced in negotiating bond deductions and representing your interests at VCAT.


Transparency and communication is of the utmost of importance when helping our clients maintain their rental properties. Our advanced maintenance software makes it easy to keep track of all active and completed maintenance, including quote management, reporting and conversations with our tradespeople, tenants and landlords.

Arrears control

Following up on our tenants arrears is a daily task. At Besser + Co., we pride ourselves on keeping a very low percentage rate of tenants who actually fall in arrears. This can be attributed to our aggressive follow up procedures which includes daily text messages, emails and phone calls.


Do you guarantee the tenant?

We understand how important it is to find the right tenants for your property. So before we recommend a tenant to our clients, we make sure no stone is left unturned. We require all tenants to provide 100 points of ID, employment reference details, previous landlord information and other documents to ensure we get a good understanding of the type of tenant they will be moving forward.

We also do not allow any tenant to inspect a property without one of our Property Managers showing them through – this allows us to meet each potential tenant in person and learn a little bit about them.

Although we can’t guarantee nothing will go wrong during the tenancy, we do ensure that all tenants are thoroughly checked prior to us recommending them to you.

What tenancy documentation is required?

To apply for a property with Besser+Co, we require all tenants complete an online rental application through We require all tenants to provide 100 points of ID, their previous rental property history information and their employment details.

We encourage tenants to also include payslips, bank statements and additional documents to help us gauge their current situation.

What weekly rental income can I expect from my property?

In order to give you an accurate expectation of how much we could rent your property for, we would need to initially come and inspect your property. We would then research how much similar properties have been leased for in the area. This is usually a very good indicator of the rent you could achieve for your property.

When pricing your property, it’s also important to consider what is currently available in the market. Jumping on and putting in your properties suburb, property type and bedrooms will let you scroll through the list of every property currently on the market. I recommend sorting the search by price and then going through the list and seeing at what price your property would be an attractive option.

Can I increase the rent in the middle of a lease period?

When you sign a lease agreement, you agree that the rent will be fixed for the lease term.

If you would like the rent to increase in the middle of the lease period, this would need to be included in the lease agreement and agreed to by the tenant.

What is the typical lease period?

Residential leases can vary in length from a couple of months through to a couple of years.

Most tenants are looking to initially sign a 12 month lease. Once this term ends, many tend to extend their lease further signing on for another 6, 9 or 12 months+.


A big thanks to Dion and the team at Besser + Co. What a great company to work with! It is great to have an agent that literally works for us 24/7 and always delivers exceptional results. Nice to come across honest people in this industry, after being burnt a few times in the past. Well done guys. Love your passion and results. Customer for life! Very impressed!
Most impressed with the service, empathy and professionalism of Dion and his team. Particularly impressed with the fine result at our auction! Thank you.

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