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6 Things to Consider When Looking For a Rental Property

Things to Consider When Looking For a Rental Property

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Looking for a rental property is exciting. You need to create a list of non-negotiable ‘must haves’ and a list of ‘like to haves’. Here are our Top 6 things to consider when looking for a rental property to help you succeed in securing a rental property you love.


Property managers are going to be your main contact when renting, so choose a property management company that you feel aligned with, are trusted and reliable. When the hot water service has a melt down, you’re going to want someone who is going to have your hot water running by the end of the day. Check your Rate My Agent reviews to see who works for you.

Attend inspections in person

Most novice renters, especially through Covid, did not view the property physically. It’s important to go along to any inspection, private or open, so you can get the complete view of the property, make sure the water pressure is right, there isn’t any nasty mould growing in the cupboards and that you know what belongs to the property, especially parking. Get the big picture.

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List requirements

Have a checklist of requirements that suit your needs. Try not to get sold into what the property manager thinks you may like, instead focus on the requirements that you need. A great tip: bring a tape measure with you to inspections, just to check the size of areas and ensure your bedroom suite will fit.

Rental Property Location

Identify suburbs that you would like to live, but also research the surrounding suburbs and their proximity to transport, schools, shops and all the things you love. The suburb next door might have everything you want at a cheaper price.

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Be Realistic

Your ‘must have’ list is very important, but some things are on your ‘like to have’ list. Understand the difference and how some ‘like to have’ things may put you out of your price range or locale. Think outside the square, as apartments for rent can be great too.


Set yourself a budget and understand what is financially possible. Remember to factor in all the necessary lifestyle costs and some disposal income for the nice things in life.

It’s always stressful looking for a rental property, but the friendly team at Besser and Co are trusted professionals ready to make your life a whole lot easier, and is one of the leading property management companies in Melbourne. Give us a call to see how we can help you find the best rental property for you.

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