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Price Quoting Policy Disclaimer

Besser & Co. complies strictly to a policy of providing information and delivering best practice procedures designed to protect clients and inform buyers in an open and transparent way.

Our price quoting policy, used in advertising and other information provided to consumers as part of a sale campaign is designed to minimise any misunderstanding that may occur between consumers and our agents.

Our quoting policy is as follows:

a. A price range

b. A single price figure, or

c. No price

The above is subject to vendor instructions and their requirements whether the seller is an individual, government department or corporate entity.

Each property’s attributes and the vendor requirements will be considered prior to a quoting range being confirmed. If the reserve price/asking price is set by the seller at the commencement of the marketing campaign, our quote will be represented as either a single asking price or the lower figure in the range.

In our advertising if we adopt a range it will not be more than 15% of the property’s appraisal value.

This range will be adjusted as necessary throughout the marketing campaign (subject to market conditions).

If we are instructed with a reserve or a selling price the lower figure of our range will be either of these figures.

Our quoting policy will not differentiate between methods of sale of which the most common include Auction, Private Sale, (and derivatives thereof), Expressions of Interest and Tender.

We recommend buyers conduct their own due diligence in determining the market worth of a property and seek independent advice prior to submitting a binding offer. To assist buyers, Sales of Interest and other relevant information will be provided upon request.

Market forces have and will continue to prevail in determining the ultimate selling price and agents, sellers, buyers, valuers and media commentators should not be held responsible for the final outcome.