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Real Estate and Property for Rent, Buy and Sale in Murrumbeena

Distance from CBD

Distance from CBD


Nearby schools

Nearby schools

Murrumbeena Primary School

St Patrick’s Primary School

Popular cafes

Popular cafes

Nature Boy Café

Iron Henry

The Rail Café

Real Estate Murrumbeena

It is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 13 km south-east of Melbourne’s central business district.

Murrumbeena is a small suburban area with extensive parklands and a rich artistic heritage. Its multiple commercial zones, featuring services and thriving cafes, include: Murrumbeena Village, nearby the train station; Poath Road; North Road; and Murrumbeena Road nearby the Beauville Estate and Duncan McKinnon Reserve.

We are a real estate agent that services Murrumbeena. Having operated in the real estate industry for a few decades, we understand the market and the dynamics of the real estate industry. If you have a property that you would like to sell or lease, we can support you through the process. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable real estate agents can assist you with achieving the right price for your property or securing responsible tenants at an appropriate rent.

2 bedroom townhouse for sale in Murrumbeena

Why Choose Besser and Co. For Murrumbeena Real Estate?

We understand that when you appoint a real estate agent, you want that agent to take care of the day-to-day management of the property in accordance with your instructions. We listen to your instructions, understand your expectations and deliver a service that is tailored to suit your needs and requirements. We do not operate in traditional ways and strive to make your experience positive and enjoyable.

Depending on the service package acquired, we will conduct various tasks during the sale or lease process including assessing market value or rent, marketing the property, opening the property to the public, responding to queries, providing you with updates and helping you choose a buyer or tenant. The price will vary depending on the type of services acquired.

Why Do We Need Real Estate Agents in Murrumbeena?

It is important to engage a real estate agent in Murrumbeena to ensure that the conduct of the sale or lease of the property complies with applicable legal requirements. You will enter into a management agreement us, i.e. a Sales Agency Agreement (for the sale of a property) or a Property Management Agreement (for the lease of a property). These agreements provide us with exclusivity to perform our services for a particular period of time.

During our period of service to you, we have access to the best real estate platforms, a suite of resources, a team of experienced agents, a list of individuals who are keen to buy and lease properties, and access to the latest market information. This will help you to receive the best-in-class offering that will provide you with the comfort you need that your property is being managed by leading real estate professionals.

Get in Touch with our Murrumbeena Real Estate Team Today

If you need any help selling or leasing your property in Murrumbeena, or would like a quick chat, contact the team at Besser and Co. today. We’re here to help you get the best price for your home or investment property, and lease out your property for a stable income. We’re not your typical real estate agents, nor do we follow traditional approaches. Our commitment to your satisfaction is second to none and we won’t stop until you get the result you are after.

Please contact us on (03) 9531 1000 or send us an email to

Our latest properties in Murrumbeena

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2/28 Rosella Street

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