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Rent your property Quick and East in Melbourne

Successfully managing your investment property and rent my property takes more than just collecting rent and responding to maintenance. It takes building relationships, efficient systems, incorporating the latest technology and having the overall goal to provide the highest level of service and representing our clients best interests at all times.

In fewer words, our aim is to manage your property as if it were our own.

We offer a complete service to our valuable customers with a team of well experienced professionals who can advise on rental property management, insurance claims, maintenance recommendations, VCAT hearings, dispute resolution and tenant selection. As a result, we are listed among the top property management companies in the real estate industry.

Click on the link below to download our guide to “Property Management a Better Way”. This brochure was designed to help you understand our internal administrative processes more clearly. We believe that if you understand our processes more clearly, we will be able to better serve you.

Rent your property with Besser + Co. Estate Agents

Rent my Property in Melbourne - FAQs

Can I rent out my property if I have a mortgage?

Renting out a property you have a mortgage on differs from renting out the house you own; the former requires some consideration. Owner-occupied mortgages come with lower down payments and lower interest rates than “to-let” property. If you intend to rent out your property, you need to check in with your lender to make sure you are not breaching any occupancy requirements. Checking the mortgage contract is also recommended, as it may have limitations set for renting. Lastly, you may need to consider capital gain consequences to avoid capital gains taxes. Check with your lender and mortgage company to learn more about specific requirements. Also, if you are seeking assistance with renting out property in Melbourne, please contact the leasing experts at Besser+Co, who will handle the process from start to finish.

How do I rent out my property with Besser+Co?

You will be surprised how easy it is to rent out your home, apartment or commercial space with Besser+Co in Melbourne. One phone call or email to the expert property management team will get the ball rolling. At Besser+Co, we have a waitlist of pre-vetted, qualified tenants ready to move into homes in popular suburbs, and if a marketing campaign is required, we can help to ensure your property is advertised appropriately to appeal to more tenants for a fast leasing experience and the best possible price.

Do I need a license to rent out my property?

Renting out your property privately is possible without a license. When it comes to your valuable property, there are a lot of important details to cover between you and new tenants to ensure a hassle-free tenancy. This includes things like setting up the lease documents and contracts, including relevant terms and conditions, adequate condition reports with photograph evidence, collecting rent, arranging repairs, dealing with rental increases in line with rules and regulations, vetting tenants appropriately and also managing any issues that may arise in a professional manner. For this reason, most Melbourne investors choose to engage professional property managers. Save time, and keep your investment safe with Besser+Co.

How much equity do I need in my house to rent it out?

Equity is the amount of money calculated from the property value minus the amount of money you owe on your home loan. For example, if your house is worth $850,000 and you owe $600,000 on your mortgage, your equity equals $250,000. You can do a lot with this money, and many choose to buy an investment property. Investment loans often use the 80% LVR – loan-to-value ratio, meaning you could buy a property using equity and rent it out if you have 20% available equity for a deposit. Feel free to run your numbers past a property expert at Besser+Co who knows all about equity loans.

Do I need to tell my bank if I rent my house?

It is important to advise your lender or bank if you decide to use your property as an investment or income-generating asset. Terms of the loan, interest rates, and documentation are often different for owner-occupied loans compared to investor loans. For tax purposes, renting out your property has different pros and cons, which should be discussed with your accountant, bank and property advisor. Feel free to get in touch with Besser+Co for rental property guidance in Melbourne.

Can I buy my first home and rent it out?

Yes, you can buy your first home and rent it out. If you plan on renting it out straight away, your home loan is likely to be considered an investor home loan, and there are different criteria when borrowing money in this category. The bank or your lending specialist will be able to explain the various requirements and terms of your loan to ensure you are following the correct protocol. The good news is that property is a safe investment. Nobody takes better care of homes in Melbourne under management than the leasing experts at Besser+Co. Whether you are in the early stages of securing your first investment property or are ready to rent it out, contact Melbourne’s leading property management company today.

What does it mean when your rental application is progressing?

A number of stages take place when a rental manager receives applications from tenants. If it is ‘progressing,’ it means it is moving through receipt, vetting, reference checking, qualifying, landlord decision making and agreement process. The information you provide on an application needs to be screened and validated across necessary channels to ensure that your identification matches, the employment and income statements you provide are valid as well as other questions within the forms. This information is critical in helping find reliable, trustworthy applicants to take on a tenancy arrangement.

What is a tenant reference check?

A tenant reference check involves the property manager or landlord communicating with people listed as references on tenancy application forms. This is most often conducted via a telephone call to character references, previous rental managers and/or employers to provide some insight into the payment and behaviour traits of the applicants. In Melbourne, competition can be fierce for rental properties, and reference checks are an important element of the screening process. At Besser+Co, care is taken to contact tenant references and ask useful questions to ensure the right people are being shortlisted for a potential tenancy agreement.

How to calculate the rental value of a property?

Calculating the rental value of a property is a key consideration for investors, as this will impact whether a property is a good investment. Or, it may determine whether selling is a better option for the owners at a particular point in time. In Melbourne, the rental value is often dictated by comparable properties and is calculated based on; property size, condition, features, location, parking, neighbourhood, accessibility, proximity to amenities and condition. In the current strong rental market, tenants are offering more per week than the advertised price, which is bumping up the overall asking prices throughout Melbourne. Speak to the property managers at Besser+Co to discover the likely rental value of your property, or if you are deciding whether to rent or sell your property, their agents can provide all the advice you need.

How long do rental applications take?

Completing a rental application if you are a tenant on the hunt can take a few hours, but thanks to modern technology, you can apply for multiple properties using the same application (give or take a couple of tweaks). It is in the property manager’s best interest, on behalf of the landlord, to have the property occupied as quickly as possible; every week a property sits vacant is a loss for a landlord. A professional leasing agent will work hard to vet tenant applications and secure a lease contract as soon as possible. Our leasing experts work quickly to get their managed properties leased out to reliable tenants, which is why more landlords entrust Besser+Co with their investment properties.

What does a rental property manager do?

Once a property lease is signed and the tenants move in, property managers have a range of ongoing duties to ensure smooth management on behalf of the landlord. These tasks include collecting rent by the due date (usually, this is a monthly payment in advance), conducting half-yearly or annual maintenance condition reports to ensure the property is being looked after, arranging for minor repair works to be carried out as required, liaise with both tenants and landlord regarding the property as queries arise and provide financial statements to the landlord for bookkeeping purposes. Of course, if any issues arise, the property manager will handle these in line as per the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.

How clean does a rental property need to be for inspection?

The state of a property on inspection can play a part in attracting better tenants and achieving a higher rental price. A clean property will present better and be more desirable in the eyes of people wanting to move in. In some cases, properties must be leased whilst they have existing tenants in them, and a professional agency will aim to work with them to present the home as best as possible. If a tenant is very keen on the property location, build and size, they may be able to look past some small cleanliness issues, but the recommendation is always to present the home in clean and bright condition. The agents at Besser+Co have plenty of creative solutions to present homes for lease in Melbourne to suit the landlord’s budget.