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Rent Calculator for Planning and Calculating Rent

Advantages of our Rent Calculator for Apartment Landlords

Zeroing down on the best deal for your property just got easier with Besser+Co’s Rental Estimation Calculator! It helps landlords find the best tenants for the most attractive, mutually agreeable rent. Our rental calculator ensures complete transparency and peace of mind for a long-term owner-tenant relationship!

How much rent can I afford?

Rental expenditure is entirely a personal choice. It depends on one’s family size and income and the quality of residence preferred. A rational budget allocation for rental expenditure should strike a balance between the monetary and lifestyle factors without causing stress on the pocket. In the case of Australia, rents have been on the rise, and it’s imperative to tick all the right boxes before zeroing down on a property.

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What Percentage of my income should go to rent?

While there is no clear threshold, ideally, one should not spend more than 30% of their after-tax income on rental expenditure. Allotting this portion of one’s income allows a more sensible allocation of the remaining income while not compromising the quality of accommodation. Still perplexed? Use our Rent calculator to clear all your rent-related doubts.

What is 50/30/20 rule?

The 50/30/20 rule aims to ensure the prudent division of funds. It states that 50% of your income after tax deduction should be allocated for essentials critical for survival. Food, medicines, rental expenditure, transportation costs, and other utilities, such as monthly bills, fall under this category.

30% of your income can be reserved for comforts or wants that make your life more enjoyable. While these are not absolute needs, they make us more efficient and provide recreation. The remaining 20% of your income should be saved in different ways. This fraction also includes loan and credit card bill payments.

How to reduce rental expenditure

The amount spent on rent might cause worry for many. To cut down on rental expenditure, you can strike a good bargain while entering into an agreement. On-time rent payments will likely impact the landlord positively; he might exempt you from the annual incremental charges during renewal. Many properties come with a parking space many tenants might not require. While the landlord might want to sneak parking with the accommodation, do not opt for the space if you can do without it.

FAQs - Rental Estimation

What is average rent in Australia?

The weekly average rent across capital cities in Australia ranges between $500 – $600. Or a monthly average of around $2200.

What are my rights as a tenant in Australia?

Region-specific laws might vary, but a basic tenant right across Australia is that no landlord can evict a tenant while under a fixed rental agreement unless there is a breach of terms and conditions on behalf of the tenant. A tenant is also eligible for a notice period if the landlord plans to reclaim the property for his own usage. The notice period duration is region-specific.

Where can I find all Australian tenancy laws?

This website provides all the information required: Tenancy Database