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Select a team that is pedantic about marketing, presentation and can negotiate the highest sale price for your property. Enter your details to here if you require one of our sales team to contact you today.

Why Besser + Co.

When you select Besser + Co. to sell your property, you put your trust in one of Melbourne’s best boutique real estate services.

Dion Besser heads up the team who has a wealth of experience in negotiating the sale of high end property in the UK and has also been a trusted agent in the City of Port Phillip and Glen Eira for over 20 years.

With experience in both large muti-office and boutique firms, Dion has been able to build resources available to larger firms but offer the boutique experience that many homeowners prefer and expect.

Service & communication

Our company is committed to providing the highest level of service. This is why we have a strong focus on communication. It is our policy to have all calls returned on the same day or with in 24 hours if its a case where one of our team are out of the office and don’t return until the next day.

All of our team have direct phone numbers and are connected with our office reception so that calls can be transferred to them when they are on the road. We provide our vendors with regular phone and email updates during their sales campaign, ensuring the process is as stress free as possible.

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Our latest sold properties

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176 Glen Eira Road


With the use of technology, Besser + Co. is able to keep record of every buyer enquiry. The buyer name, email address and phone number. With over 30,000 active buyer in our database at any given time, we are able to communicate suitable properties to our buyers the moment the property is listed.

Once the buyer has made an enquiry, our AI technology is able to record the type of property they have enquired about, allowing it to then notify that buyer automatically of any new similar properties that come available on or off market.

On a weekly basis, our buyer agent is speaking to over 300 potential buyers and booking them into an inspection and answering any questions they may have.

How do I sell my property?

Selling your property can be an exciting time for some as you look forward to new opportunities, and a sad time for others as you recall fond memories.

Whether you are selling your home or an investment property, sell my property will most likely be the greatest transaction that you will enter into during your lifetime. Not only are residential properties worth comparatively more than other assets you might own, the steps and procedures that need to be followed to successfully transfer title to the property requires the support from experienced and knowledge professionals.

Here is a quick guide to breakdown the steps required to sell your property.

1. Consider modifications or improvements

You will need to ensure that your property is ready for sale. Consider any modifications or improvements that might increase the potential for your property to attract a higher price. Ensure that the property complies with building codes and regulations to avoid any issues.

2. Engage a real estate agent

You will need to engage a real estate agent who has access to an experienced sales team, one who can manage the end-to-end process and will support you and communicate with you along the way. You will need to consider either an auction or a private sale, the price range, timing for the sale and other particulars.

3. Engage a lawyer or conveyancer

In conjunction with engaging a real estate agent, you will need to engage a lawyer or conveyancer to draft the Contract of Sale (including the Vendor’s Statement (section 32)). These documents need to be ready should a potential buyer be keen to make a written offer. Your lawyer or conveyancer will also support the real estate agent in managing the sale.

4. Notify your tax agent or accountant, and bank

If you own an investment property, make sure that you notify your tax agent or accountant to check whether you may be subject to any particular tax liabilities. Common liabilities include Capital Gains Tax. Depending on how ownership of the property is structured, there may be others. You will also need to advise your bank if you will need to discharge a mortgage.

5. Stay positive and be patient

Selling in a rush is not ideal. Also, some properties are better suited to an auction or private sale depending on the property style, demand for similar properties in the area, recent sales history and your preferences. Remember to work collaboratively with the real estate agent and to remain positive and patient. It’s important to consider the market at the time of selling given the real estate market varies depending on the location, property type, time of year, length of advertising time and other consumer-driven factors.

Sell My Property in Melbourne?

Main property features:

Your property is unique and, as such, it has many individual attributes. It is important to understand the key attributes that should be highlighted in the campaign to sell my property. That way it can be clearly communicated to the buyer the points of difference your property has compared to other similar properties in areas in the market at the time. Potential buyers would likely compare features of a listed property in Caulfield to similar available properties in Caulfield South, Caulfield North and Elsternwick.

Comparable sales

To determine the estimated price range for your property you must review other similar sales in surrounding suburbs with in a 6-12 months period.

For example if you are looking to sell your house is in Caulfield, we would recommend you attempt to compare your home with 3-4 other properties in Caulfield, Caulfield South & Caulfield North. By understanding what other similar properties are selling for, you will be able to determine where you home fits in the market place.

Opinion of value/ Asking price

Depending on the type and style of your campaign, you will need to determine a price range or an asking price.

This price range or asking price will help attract buyers to your property which should lead to multiple offers. To understand a realistic price range, you should look at similar listings around your suburb. For example if you own a house in Elsternwick, you should review comparable properties in Elsternwick, Caulfield, Ripponlea etc. Alternatively, If you own an apartment in St Kilda, you should be comparing it against other apartments in St Kilda, St Kilda East, Elwood, Ripponlea and Balaclava.

Campaign strategy

The strategy of your campaign should be advised by your agent and should be determined by the type, style of your home and the market conditions at the time.

Generally, this tends to be by auction or private sale/ tender. We recommend speaking to your agent about your specific suburb (e.g. Caulfield South) and what has historically worked best in that area.

Private sale/ Private tender

A private sale alleviates the pressure of achieving a result on one chosen day. You aren’t locked into a specific date and an offer can be negotiated confidentially so that there’s time to consider it.

Private sale success is often led by the success and skill of an agent, so we recommend asking the sales agent to provide examples of success using that strategy in your particular suburb (e.g. What sort of results have you achieved through a private sale in St Kilda East?)


An auction creates a highly competitive bidding environment for a property. It removes the barrier of an upper limit on price and creates a deadline that encourages buyers to make a decision.

This strategy should only be selected in a competitive market and when clearance rates exceed 75%.

Suburbs that meet this clearance rate metric vary, but historically suburbs such as Caulfield, Caulfield South, Caulfield North, Elsternwick, Ripponlea, St Kilda and St Kilda East have regularly hovered around the 75% mark.

We recommend discussing all selling strategies with an agent so you the vendor gets the best possible outcome.

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A big thanks to Dion and the team at Besser + Co. What a great company to work with! It is great to have an agent that literally works for us 24/7 and always delivers exceptional results. Nice to come across honest people in this industry, after being burnt a few times in the past. Well done guys. Love your passion and results. Customer for life! Very impressed!
Most impressed with the service, empathy and professionalism of Dion and his team. Particularly impressed with the fine result at our auction! Thank you.

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