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Rental Property Management Melbourne

What is Rental Property Management?

Rental Property Management in Melbourne
The overarching aim of rental property management is to ensure that the residential or commercial investment property is well-maintained, health & safety compliant, occupied, and receiving regular income from occupants throughout the tenancy term.

A rental property manager will receive payment from the landlord for various ongoing responsibilities. These include marketing a property for lease, vetting and selecting applicants, ensuring compliance with lease contracts and documentation, managing the outgoings and accounts receivable, organising any repairs and maintenance work, maintaining good communication with occupants, conducting inspections, and reporting back to the landlord regularly.

Why is it important to choose an expert Rental Property Manager in Melbourne?

As a property investor, you can choose to manage your rental property privately or engage the services of a qualified property manager. There are proven benefits to appointing an expert to manage your property, and these include the following:

expert Rental Property Manager in Melbourne

Maximising your rental income

An experienced property manager in Melbourne will have a wide market reach to attract more tenants to compete for your property and ensure return maximisation with rental increases in line with regulations. Efficient property managers will use their trade relationships to get you the best deal on repair or maintenance work. Working with an expert will also reduce your risk of having an unoccupied property and loss of income.

Reducing stress and saving time: Leaving property management tasks to the experts will allow you to get on with your work, leisure, and otherwise. By appointing a rental property manager in Melbourne, you can enjoy peace of mind while your property is well-taken care of.

Promoting positive tenant relations

A rental property manager acts as a third party and deals directly with tenants for a smooth tenancy term. A we-trained expert deals with all lease-related matters; rental payments, repairs and maintenance; communications and more. This helps avoid minor and unnecessary disputes between owners and tenants, leading to better relationships and outcomes for everyone involved. When conflicts arise, professional property managers know the proper steps to take and will ensure protocol is followed for a non-encumbered resolution.

How does Besser & Co Excel in Rental Property Management?

Excel in Rental Property Management

In Melbourne, Besser & Co are real estate experts with a dedicated Rental Property Management department. With decades of experience in Melbourne’s South-eastern Suburbs, Metro Melbourne and surrounds, our friendly team is renowned for going the extra mile for landlords, utilising state-of-the-art management technology, and providing optimal management outcomes.

Our unrivalled client retention rate demonstrates our commitment to excellence in Melbourne rental property management, exceptionally low vacancy rates, record rental prices in multiple localities throughout Melbourne, and a stellar reputation for 5-star landlord service.

“It was probably the most efficient service I’ve ever come across. Their use of technology is fantastic. The whole process from listing to confirming a tenant was a week!” Katya Ellis – Landlord, Melbourne.

“The Besser & Co team have made my first landlord experience incredibly smooth and seamless. The communication from each team member has been outstanding!” Erica B – Landlord, St Kilda

“Dion Marcel and the team at Besser & Co did an excellent job taking the property over from the previous agent and getting someone into the property quickly. They’ve been a breeze to work with, look after the landlords well, and are very attentive to the tenants, ensuring they are comfortable in the property. I would highly recommend Besser & Co” Chamara Somaratne – Landlord Melbourne.

What is the process for listing a property with Besser & Co Rental Property Management?

With your invitation, one of our expert property managers will discuss your property with you. In most cases, we will conduct a physical viewing of your home, followed by a formal appraisal and advice on how best to maximise your investment’s letting potential.

A management agency agreement will be arranged, outlining management and marketing fees, charges, and any special instructions relating to your property to formalise our services.

We will take the reins to provide a smooth experience in line with your preferred level of involvement. All our landlords will receive regular accounting reports, timely payments, and correspondence as required.

In situations where Besser & Co are required to take over management from another agency, we have a straightforward and effective process to achieve a seamless transition and the best results for the tenants and property itself.

We welcome you to experience a better landlord experience with Besser & Co.

Rental property management Melbourne

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