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Property Management A Guide to Compliance


Property Management Legal Compliances

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How Property Management Companies Handle Maintenance, Repairs and Legal Compliance

Property management companies, like Besser and Co., play a pivotal role in maintaining properties, handling repairs, and ensuring legal compliance. This comprehensive service offers property owners peace of mind and ensures that the property is well-maintained and legally compliant.



Maintenance Management

A property management company‘s primary duties include overseeing the regular maintenance of a property. Maintenance can range from routine tasks, such as lawn care or gutter cleaning, to more complex issues like plumbing or electrical work.

Using a combination of preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance strategies, property management companies ensure the properties they manage are well-kept and that their value is preserved. Advanced technology, like Internet of Things (IoT) devices, now enables these companies to predict potential issues and take care of them before they require expensive repairs.

Handling Repairs

When a repair is needed, property management companies handle the entire process from diagnosis to completion. This involves liaising with contractors, scheduling repairs, and ensuring the work is completed to a satisfactory standard. It’s not just about fixing issues; it’s about doing so efficiently and effectively, with minimal disruption to the tenants.

The role of technology in managing repairs is increasingly prominent. With the aid of property management software, companies can track repair requests, update tenants on the progress, and document the completed work. This efficient approach minimises delays, keeps tenants informed, and ensures all repairs are carried out appropriately.

Navigating Legal Compliance

Legal compliance is a crucial yet complex aspect of property management. It involves understanding and adhering to various local, state, and federal laws related to property rental. This could range from fair housing laws and tenant rights to building codes and safety regulations.

For a property owner, keeping up with all these laws can be daunting. This is where companies that manage properties can help. Property management agencies can help in this situation. They have the expertise to navigate these legal complexities, ensuring that properties are compliant and owners are protected from potential legal issues.

In addition to staying updated with current laws, property management companies also handle legal documents related to the property. This includes lease agreements, eviction notices, and safety certifications. They ensure these documents are legally sound, up-to-date, and stored securely.

The Role of Technology in Legal Compliance

Technology is a significant ally in managing legal compliance. With the help of property management software, companies can automate compliance tasks, such as tracking lease expirations or scheduling safety inspections. This minimises the risk of overlooking important tasks and helps keep properties compliant.

Additionally, technology allows for efficient storage and retrieval of legal documents. Electronic document management ensures that all necessary paperwork is easily accessible, securely stored, and can be quickly retrieved when needed.

Technology and Real-time Compliance Monitoring

With technological tools, property management companies can carry out real-time monitoring of compliance-related tasks. These tools can track various parameters, such as safety measures, license renewals, and property standards. Any deviation from compliance standards can be detected instantly, allowing for quick corrective action.

Moreover, technology enables property management companies to maintain an accurate, up-to-date log of compliance-related activities. This can serve as valuable evidence in case of any disputes or legal proceedings.

Technological Innovation and Regulatory Updates

Regulations in property management are constantly changing. Technology offers the ability to stay updated with these changes. Many property management software platforms have features that notify users about regulatory changes in real-time, ensuring property managers are always abreast of the latest legal requirements.

Risk Management and Predictive Analysis

Advanced technologies, like AI and machine learning, can play a significant role in legal compliance. These technologies can analyse data from various sources to identify potential areas of risk. By predicting potential legal compliance issues before they arise, property management companies can take proactive steps to avoid them.

For example, predictive analysis can help property managers identify when a property may fall out of compliance with local building codes or when a tenant’s lease agreement may violate evolving rental laws.

Data Security and Legal Compliance

Data security is a crucial aspect of legal compliance in property management. Property management companies handle a significant amount of sensitive information from both tenants and property owners. Technology provides tools and systems for secure data storage and transfer, ensuring that all personal and financial information remains confidential and secure, in compliance with data privacy laws.


In conclusion, property management companies play a critical role in handling maintenance, managing repairs, and ensuring legal compliance. By leveraging technology, they can deliver these services more efficiently, thereby providing a seamless property management experience.

At Besser and Co., we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive property management services, underpinned by technological solutions. We strive to maintain properties to a high standard, handle repairs efficiently, and navigate the complexities of legal compliance, so property owners can enjoy the benefits of their investment without the hassles.

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