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Keeping your home safe while you’re on holiday

When you go on holiday, it can be easy to get caught up in all of the planning for the trip. Where you’re staying, your flights, who’s going to take care of your pet, and how much it will cost to keep your car in the terminal car park at the airport. However, have you ever thought about who will be taking care of your home while you’re away? Here’s how you can keep your home safe while you’re not there.

MyDeal Pro Tip:

Keep the lawn mowed. A mowed lawn gives off the illusion that someone is home, which can help deter unwanted “guests”. Get someone to give your lawn a nice trim every few weeks, so your front yard doesn’t look neglected. Keep your gardening essentials in a garden shed from MyDeal, so the person taking care of your home can keep the place looking tidy.

Marcel Dybner | Ask Marcel & Besser + Co

“If someone wants to break into your house, chances are a simple lock won’t stop them. However, let’s not make it any easier for these guys. Make sure all of your locks and alarms are working and secure. Go through your house and lock all of the doors and windows including gates, garages, sheds etc. Once you have gone through and locked up the property… go through and double check. You can never be too sure. If you’re leaving for your trip in the morning, a good tip is to lock up everything you can the night before, to avoid you from forgetting in the morning rush.” Find out more about Marcel by following him on Instagram, and follow Besser + Co on Facebook and Instagram.

MyDeal Pro Tip:

Fake that you’re home. If you turn on some lights in the front room of your home, it can give off the illusion that you’re home, or that someone is living there while you’re away. Of course, you don’t have to keep your home fully lit, but make it appear that someone is home. Keep your front lights on, a sensor light on in the front garden and your home decor from MyDeal in plain sight. This can help deter unwanted guests from entering your home.

Darryn Bull | ADT Security

“In the months or weeks leading up to a holiday, ADT Security suggests conducting a security audit of the house to identify and fix any security gaps. This includes checking the locks on windows and gates, reviewing exterior lighting (e.g. checking that sensor lights are working properly or need installing to help lighten up any dark areas around the home), and securing any outdoor valuables. Another measure is to consider the merits of a monitored alarm system. With ADT’s back-to-base system, household alarms are linked back to a monitoring centre that operates 24/7. In the event an alarm is triggered, the homeowner will be notified and given the option to have a patrol car attend the home to investigate. Some people opt for unmonitored systems however if the homeowner is away there is no guarantee that the alarm will be investigated if triggered and it is often just ignored by neighbours who assume it’s a false alarm.” Find out more about ADT Security by following them on Facebook.

MyDeal Pro Tip:

Have someone take in your mail and rubbish bin. A great way to keep your home under the illusion of being occupied is by getting someone to take in your mail and bins while you’re away. A dead giveaway that you’re not home is by letting the mail pile up in your mailbox, as it makes your home look unoccupied. Get your neighbours or a friend to take in your mail and your bins every few days.

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