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How To Avoid Mould This Winter

As we head into the colder months of the year, there’s a chance mould can start to appear around your property. In order to stop this from becoming a problem, I’ve put together this quick Mould Prevention Guide for you on how to avoid mould and help keep it at bay this year.

The number one rule to avoid mould growing in your property is to ensure that you reduce moisture and dampness and make sure you ventilate your property well – especially in more mould prone areas.

Before I get into a room by room breakdown, here are a few universal rules for you:

1.      Make sure you allow airflow through rooms by opening windows and keeping doors open.

2.      Use extractor fans where you have them

3.      Don’t let condensation build up around window frames – make sure you wipe it down

4.      Get a dehumidifier

5.      Avoid pushing furniture up against walls, allow enough space for air to circulate around the furniture and walls

How To Avoid Mould:

Ensure proper ventilation, keep humidity levels low, fix leaks promptly, and clean surfaces regularly to learn how to avoid mould effectively.


·       Use the rangehood/extractor fan to remove any excess steam from your cooking. The steam can cover the walls leaving then moist and susceptible to mould.

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·       When having a bath or a shower, make sure you keep the exhaust fan on to remove the steam from building up on the walls

·       Once you’re finished, open a window or door to allow the steam to escape quicker.

·       If you notice the walls or skirting boards are building up with moisture, make sure you wipe them down to keep them as dry as possible

·       Clean the bathroom regularly


·       If you’re using a clothes dryer, make sure that it has the exhaust set up correctly.

·       Try to keep the laundry door open – especially if you have a Euro Laundry

·       If you notice the walls are dripping with condensation, wipe them dry

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·       Have your carpets steam cleaned every 12-18 months

·       Leave doors and windows open to allow the room to ventilate

·       Clean any spills as quickly as possible – mould can form in the underlay of a carpet which then makes it very hard to remove


·       Try to open a window for a few hours a day to allow for air to circulate around the room

·       Let natural sunlight into the room

·       If you’re using a heater in your bedroom, keep an eye out for condensation on your window and window frames. Makes sure you wipe it down as quickly as possible.

If you do notice mould starting to appear, make sure you thoroughly clean the area with mould prevention products you can find at your local supermarket. If the problem continues, make sure you contact your property manager.

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