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5 Things To Do To Help Your Photographer Before Your Photo Shoot

When you’re putting your property on the market, you want to make sure everything goes smoothly. A part of selling your home is having your property photographed, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to set the place up for the photo shoot. We’ve compiled our top five tips to help you make sure your photographer can make your property look amazing!

1. Ensure all light bulbs are the same colour.

By creating consistency with your lighting, you allow for a feeling of calm and simplicity. Warm and cool light can be used for different effect. Whatever you prefer, just choose one type of light bulb colour to ensure your photos look fabulous.

2. Remove your garden hose, bins or any outdoor items away from the facade.


Your photo shoot is a great way to prepare for your open for inspections, so know where everything is going before your photo shoot to have your home presented and ready for show. When you create a greater feeling of space, it makes potential buyers feel more at home, so removing any excess, like bins or hoses, improves the visual presence of your home.

3. Have a variety of low lying and large fruit/flower arrangements to move around the rooms for close-up and distant photos.

Have on stand-by a bowl of fresh green apples and a large on-trend bouquet to create a sense of life and vibrance to what is often a clean and neutral palette. By having a variety of size options, you allow the photographer to get creative with space, lighting and depth.

4. Take your magnets and family notices off your fridge.

A clean white fridge makes your kitchen look smart and helps de-personalise your home. It’s amazing how much bigger your kitchen feels without the takeaway magnets, the wedding invitations and the bills plastered all over your fridge.

5. Reduce the number of books but then colour coordinate your books in bookshelves to make it look purposeful.

Immense amounts of books or any item can look like an abundance of clutter. By coordinating book spines by colour and style, interested onlookers will feel the space is more practical and inviting.

For more top tips for helping your photographer on photo day, talk to one of our agents at Besser and Co to help you make a bigger impact with your photos.


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