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FAQ for Renters (Maintenance)

Before reporting a maintenance issue to your Property Manager, please make sure you have tried to troubleshoot the problem first.

Here are some of the most common maintenance items and some recommended steps.

There is no Hot Water at the property:
  • Have you arranged for the connection of your Gas or Electricity when you moved?
  • Have you checked that the water tap located on the hot water system is turned on?
  • Electric Hot Water System – Have you checked the fuse in the meter box?
  • Gas Hot Water System – Have you checked to see if your pilot light has gone out? Some units can be easily relit; others may require a tradesperson
There is no Electricity at the property:
  • Have you arranged for the connection of your Electricity when you moved?
  • Have you contacted your provider to see if there is a fault in the area?
  • Have you checked your main switches to see if a switch has tripped? Switch back on
  • If the safety switch has tripped, do you have a faulty appliance? Please turn off all appliances and switch the safety switch back on and one by one-turn appliances back on to see if one of them is causing the power to trip. Any cost incurred to the Rental Provider due to any faulty appliances belonging to the Renter will be at the expense of the Renter.
  • Have you paid your bill?
There is no gas at the property:
  • Have you arranged for the connection of your Gas when you moved?
  • Check your meter, has it been switched off?
  • Contact your provider to ensure it hasn’t been switched off in the street
  • If living in apartment buildings, check with the Owners Corporation that there are no faults in the building.
My landline phone has stopped working:
  • Have you called your provider?
  • The Rental Provider is not responsible for ensuring there is a working phone line at the property. If a new line is needed it is up to the Rental Provider if they want to contribute to this cost.
I have no Internet:
  • Try to turn the router and modem on and off.
  • Make sure all cables are connected properly.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider to see if there are any outages in the area.
My heater is not working:
  • Is the heating gas? Has the pilot light gone out? Is the system accessible to relight the pilot light?
  • If split system remote is not working, please try changing the battery
My Split System is not working:
  • Filters require cleaning/vacuuming on a regular basis, at least every 6 months
  • Batteries require changing in remotes, this can be the cause of units not working.
  • Consult an instruction manual, is the unit on the correct setting? Your Aircon will NOT work efficiently when it’s over 35 degrees outside. You will not be able to get the unit to cool your property to 18 degrees immediately so do not expect this to happen. Please set to around 24 degrees on these extreme hot days to avoid damaging the unit.
My Smoke Alarm is Beeping:
  • Have you tried replacing the battery
My automatic garage/gate remote is not working:
  • Have you tried changing the battery in the remote?
My Light or Power Points not working:
  • Have you checked your fuse box? Is the main switch in the ON position? Have you replaced the light globe?
No water is coming out of the tap:
  • Do your neighbours have water?
  • Have you contacted your provider to ensure it is not a supply issue in the immediate area?
  • Check the water meter, has it been turned off?
  • If your key is failing to turn in the lock, please try lubricating the key with either WD-40 or graphite
The Kitchen/ Bathroom sink is blocked:
  • If you have a major blockage, please report it to your Property Manager. If your sink is taking a long of time to drain away the water try using a plunger to free the blockage. If this does not work the first time, please do not keep trying, report it to your Property Manager. Draino is not recommended as this may react with the stronger chemicals that a plumber may need to use if required to attend.
  • Do not put fat and oil into the drain, as these will clog up the pipes.
The Oven is not working:
  • Is the child lock on (key symbol)
  • Have you set the timer? Some ovens require this to be done before they will work. If the timer is flashing, it needs to be set.
  • Check mains to see if switch has tripped
There are Leaks Inside or Outside:
  • Please locate water mains and turn the lever off until a plumber can attend.
There is a Gas Smell/Potential Leak:
  • Contact your agent immediately or in the case where the office is closed, please go to the tenant hub section where you will find our recommended plumber.
  • If possible, please locate gas main and turn the lever off until a plumber can attend.

If you’ve gone through the steps above and you need to report maintenance, please head to the Maintenance Request page on the Besser+Co website, for instructions on how you can lodge your maintenance.