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The 20 most common maintenance issues you’ll face as a property investor

Property Maintenance

property maintenance

What are the most common maintenance issues that you deal with?

One of the key ingredients of a smoothly run investment property is having great tradespeople at your disposal. Having maintenance attended to quickly will stop small problems turning into costly issues and will also keep your tenants happy.

If you own an investment property, it’s important that you’re ready to deal with any problems that you could be faced with.

Here’s a list of the 20 most common maintenance issues you’re likely to face as a property investor:

  1. Faulty door locks
  2. Dripping taps or those that won’t turn off
  3. Leaking laundry and kitchen sinks
  4. Doors that don’t align in place as they tend to move
  5. Loose or broken door handles
  6. Leaking roofs
  7. A leaking hot water service
  8. There’s no hot water
  9. A blocked drain, blocked shower or blocked toilet
  10. Leaking shower roses or taps
  11. Power points and lights that are not working
  12. Ducted heating that only blows out cold air
  13. Broken down kitchen appliances
  14. Air conditioning that doesn’t work
  15. Curtains or blinds that are operating the way they are supposed to
  16. Carpets that are lifting and the joins or wearing in high traffic areas of the property
  17. Movement cracks in the ceiling or cornices
  18. A damaged letter box
  19. A remote control for the garage door that doesn’t work
  20. Overgrown shrubs, bushes and trees that need tending to.

Make sure you get the right tradespeople for the job and sit back and enjoy your investment as it continues to yield favourable returns.

Property Maintenance is always a concern for a Property Investor. We hope In this blog, you found the answer you were looking for. Keep exploring our blogs for more information.

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