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Renting with Pets

Renting with pets – Everything you need to know

Renting With Pets in Australia

Renting with Pets in Australia is not an easy task. Australia has one the highest rates of pet ownership per household in the world but finding a suitable rental property that is pet-friendly requires good amount of efforts. Throughout the country rental lease agreements tend to not mention keeping pets or state that the tenant will require written permission from the landlord should they wish to keep a pet.

So you’re going to want to know what makes landlords say yes to keeping pets. It takes time and effort to find a pet-friendly property and when you do, make sure you are a responsible pet owner and in turn a responsible tenant.

Finding a Pet-Friendly Rental

  • When you view the house, bring up the subject of your puppy with the manager or landlord. It’s better to offer up information in person than over the phone.
  • Have a profile of your pet ready to present. This can be as simple as a single printed page with your pets name, a photo and some relevant information about your pets registration. If you want to be very detailed, you can include medical records, references from past landlords and neighbours, vet reports and obedience school certificates.
  • Offer to sign a pet agreement with the owner that defines appropriate pet behaviour on the premises.
  • If you’re looking at Strata Title properties, check the Body Corporate by-laws which often don’t allow pets or exercise special conditions.
  • Invite the manager or owner to meet your pup and make sure he or she is well groomed, well-behaved and obedient.

Be a Responsible Owner

To show property managers and landlords that you are a responsible pet owner, put together a resume that entails your pet’s intended spay/neuter surgery, proof of vaccinations being up-to-date and records of regular visits to the vet.


Seek written references from previous landlords, puppy school instructors, your vet and your neighbours. This will make some landlords more comfortable to allow pets in their rental property.

Pet Agreement

When you meet the property manager or homeowner, offer to draw up a pet agreement that you jointly approve of. Make sure it covers all likely situations and the actions to be taken should any issues crop up with your pup.

Meeting your Pet

Offer to bring your pet along to meet the landlord and show-off how well behaved it is and that you are a responsible carer. Explain the below to demonstrate that you are responsible:

  • Explain that you provide the right amount of exercise to meet your breed’s requirements and that you do give your pet the appropriate amount of attention.
  • Demonstrate that you do not let your pet roam around the streets.
  • Make sure that if you go away that you make suitable arrangements to care for your puppy.
  • You always keep control of your pet when out in public.
  • You always clean up after your dog.

Your Pet’s Resume – Renting with Pets Guide

Your pet’s resume is a good opportunity to offer up all relevant information to your landlord and should cover:

  • A description of your pet
  • Details of any training you have done with him or her
  • A detailed exercise regime

Also mention your pet’s activity levels, his or her age and any other traits that show your pet and you will make good tenants. Follow these tips and renting with pets should become a little bit easier for you.

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