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FAQ for Landlords


What if the maintenance is found to be the Renters fault?
  • If the damage is caused by your Renter, it is their responsibility to cover the cost. Our tradespeople will assess the damage and let us know if the damage is the responsibility of the Renter (tenant) or the Rental Provider (landlord). Our accounts team will then invoice the Renter directly to refund the Rental Provider for the cost of the maintenance. If the invoice is not paid, the outstanding amount will remain on the renters account and will be deducted from the renter’s bond at the end of their lease.
What if the Owners Corporation are responsible for the cost of the maintenance item?
  • If our tradesperson attends a repair and finds that it is the responsibility of the Owners Corporation, we will send the invoice directly to the Owners Corporation for payment.
Who is responsible to ensure the property is compliant?
  • From March 29, 2021, new state legislation was passed which requires rental providers to make sure their smoke detectors, electrical and gas appliances are checked regularly and compliant. This in the past was just a recommendation.Besser+Co. recommends using Detector Inspector to regularly check these appliances. Once subscribed to their service, it is Detector Inspectors responsibility to arrange the inspections either with our office or directly with the occupying renter.In the case where items require servicing or replacing, Detector Inspector will provide recommendations and a quote. If required, further quotes to ensure items are compliant can be arranged.
How can renters lodge a maintenance request?
  • The easiest way for renters to lodge maintenance can be found on the Tenant Hub section of the Besser+Co website. Our system ensures all maintenance items are recorded in a central system which allows our Property Management team to attend to them in a timely manner. To view the tenant hub page on the Besser+Co. website, click on the link below:
When will the rental provider be notified of a maintenance request?
  • Once the renter lodges the request, your property manager will review the request and collect any additional information we require (including photos and videos when suitable) to assess the maintenance. Once the Property Manager has troubleshooted the maintenance with the renter and understands which trade to recommend, the property manager will send an email or make a call to the rental provider to recommend what needs to be done and what tradesperson we recommend.The Rental Provider will be able to approve the job or request more information and either approve our tradesperson to attend the job or use their own.


In what circumstances will the agent hold money back in their trust account?
  • Occasionally an invoice will be sent to the rental provider that exceeds the amount of monthly rent collected. Most common invoices where this can happen is with Owner’s Corporation or maintenance invoices. In these cases, the rental provider can choose to pay the invoice themselves or wait until the agent has collected enough money to pay it.
What if I can’t find my statement?
  • If you can’t find your statement, you can email your Property Manager or to have it resent to you. Please make sure you include the address for the property.
When do I receive my End of Financial Year Statement?
  • The EOFY statement is sent between the 1st – 7th July each year. Sometimes they can end up in your junk or spam mail folder. If you are unable to find it, feel free to email your property manager or and another one will be sent out to you.
Can I choose the format of my statement?
  • Yes, there are multiple formats to choose from. See images below which show you the different options. You can also change the font size if necessary. Please email your property manager or to make a change if you require.You can select from the following statement formats:
    Basic styleCompany style
    One property per page style
Can I get a breakdown of the statement?
  • Each statement will breakdown all rent money received and all invoices that have been paid. A copy of any invoices which were paid will be sent to you as a link in the statement email. If you have any further questions about your statement or the invoices, you can contact your property manager.
Can I receive separate statements per property I own?
  • If you own multiple properties and wish to have the statements emailed separately, please contact your property manager or email us at


Can Besser+Co. pay the rental providers invoices relative to their investment property?
  • Yes. Besser+Co. has a dedicated Accounts Department that can manage and pay any invoices related to your investment property. You can choose which ones you want Besser+Co. to pay from your rent, and which ones you want to pay for yourself. You can also have all your invoices paid from the rent if you want.It is important to remember that if Besser+Co. receive the invoice, they will pay it. It is the rental provider’s responsibility to ensure the creditor has the correct forwarding details so that Besser+Co can receive it.
If I have an accounting question, who do I ask?
  • Always direct your question to your Property Manager. If the property manager is unable to provide the answer, they will refer to the accounts department for assistance.
My renter should have paid their rent by now. When can I expect my rent to be transferred to me?
  • Our accounts team processes payments 3 days per week. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You will receive your rent payment on the first Monday, Wednesday or Friday after the rent payment is received in our account. Please be aware that Public Holidays and weekends can cause slight delays in us receiving your rental payment or the funds being transferred to your account.


Once the renter provides the correct notice to vacate, what is the process for getting the property released?
  • Once your renter provides their notice to vacate to the Property Manager, the vacating process begins. This process includes notifying the rental provider and discussing getting the property back on the market and at what price. Our team will work with the renter leading up to their vacate date to try and open the property the moment they provide their notice. The Victorian Residential Tenancies Act does not allow the agent to open the property until 2 weeks before the renter vacates. In most cases renters don’t mind allowing the agent to open before this time, but in some cases the renter requests it not be opened until 2 weeks before.Either way, Besser+Co. has a procedure whereby the property is put on the internet and advertised 1 week before the first open for inspection. This way once the property goes live and prospective renters begin to enquire, the leasing department can open it without delay.
How is the Bond handled once the renter vacates the property?
  • Within 2 weeks of the renter vacating, Besser+Co will conduct a final inspection and contact the rental provider to discuss the bond. The bond is not released without first discussing it with the rental provider. In the case where there is a dispute, Besser+Co. will endeavour to negotiate between the renter and rental provider to come to an agreement. In some but very few cases, Besser+Co. will go to VCAT to represent the rental providers’ interests.


Will I be notified when a new renter moves into my property?
  • Yes, once a suitable renter has been found for your property, the Besser+Co. leasing department will notify you of when the renter is moving in and when you should be expecting your rent each month.
What happens when my renters lease ends?
  • When you renters lease ends, your renter will effectively go onto a month-by-month lease. This allows the renter to provide the rental provider with a 28-day notice to vacate. It also allows the rental provider to provide the renter with a notice to vacate for one of the following reasons:
What is the rent review process?
  • In month 9 & 10 of a 12-month lease, Besser+Co. will email the rental provider with the following information.
    • Renter Behaviour
    • Rental Payment History
    • Property Condition as per last routine inspection
    • Market Overview
    • Our Recommendation on price and whether to offer the current renter a new lease
    • Safety Compliance recommendations where required

    Once provided, the rental provider will have the opportunity to proceed with our recommendations or discuss further.

    In the case where there is a rent increase, the property manager will send out the necessary notices to the renter and provide the accounts department with instructions on any changes.

    In the case where the rental provider would like to offer the current renter a new lease, the property manager will first reach out to the renter to confirm if they are happy to proceed with a new lease.

    Where the renter agrees, the property manager will instruct our leasing department to prepare and send out the new lease for the renter to sign. The rental provider will be notified once the renter returns the new lease signed.

    Where the renter decides not to sign a new lease, the renter will automatically go on to a month-by-month lease which will trigger another rent review 6 months later. The residential tenancies act. Only allows the rental provider to increase the rent once per year.

Can I increase the rent even if the rental provider decides not to offer the renter a new lease?
  • Yes, but the rental provider is only allowed to increase the rent once per year according to the Victorian residential tenancies act.
Can the rental provider increase the rent during the term of a lease?
  • No, the rental provider is only allowed to increase the rent once per year and only once a lease term has ended.
Can I get a copy of my rental agreement?
  • Yes, please email your property manager or and they will send you a copy via email.
Who is responsible for connecting the electricity in-between a renter vacating and a new renter moving in if need be.
  • The rental provider is responsible for arranging the electricity connection in-between tenancies if necessary. Besser+Co. Does however have a temporary account which we can use to turn on the power however the cost will be deducted from the rent once the property is tenanted.
I’ve just received an SMS notifying me of an application. What happens now?
  • Once you receive an SMS or email notifying you of an application, the team in the office will begin to check their references. Only in the case where the leasing team have an applicant they want to recommend will they be in contact with you. If the references don’t check out or if the applicant is not someone we want to recommend, the leasing team will not be in touch and open for inspections will continue to be scheduled.
What level of communication should I expect while my property is on the market for lease?
  • While your property is on the market for lease, you will be communicated in the following ways:
    1. You will receive an email and SMS notification with the times that have been made available for prospective renters to inspect.
    2. You will receive an SMS and email indicating how many people inspected your property after each inspection.
    3. You will receive a summary report via email every Monday.
    4. You will receive a phone call ever couple of weeks providing you with a full update and recommendations on how to improve the campaign to renter the property as soon as possible.
Once we receive an application, how quickly can it be processed?
  • Once the application has been received, with in 24 hours the team will have sent out all the reference checks, working towards having all the information with in 48 hours ready to present to the rental provider. Only once all the reference checks have been received and verified will the property manager be in touch with the rental provider to make their recommendations.
Does Besser+Co. adjust their rental dates?
  • Yes, Besser+Co. adjust their rental dates to the 1st and the 15th of each month. For example, if your renters lease starts on the 21st day of the month, this will be adjusted to the 1st day of the next month. This will require the renter’s 1st payment to be from the 21st day of the month until the last day of the following month.

General questions:

Will I be notified if my property manager leaves?
  • Yes. If there is a change in property managers, you will be notified.
What if my property manager goes on holiday? Who do I contact?
  • Besser+Co. work in teams. So, if one of a team falls ill or goes on leave, there will be another property manager who can assist you with your needs.
What time frame should I expect a call back or response to my email?
  • Property managers receive anywhere between 50 – 75 emails per day. The team at Besser+Co. categorise their emails every morning allowing them to prioritize which ones need to be responded to first. If the matter is urgent, you will receive an email within that same day. If it is not urgent, please expect a response within 24 – 48 hours.
I want to sell my rental property. How do I go about vacating the renter so that I can sell it vacant possession?
  • If your rental property is on a month-by-month basis, you can send the renter a 60-day notice to vacate based on selling the property with vacant possession. Please remember that once you service a renter with a notice to vacate, the renter can then provide the rental provider with a 2 week notice to vacate if they wish to.If your rental property is still within the term of the lease, you can still sell the property. You will need to issue the renter with a notice of intention to inspect. Please remember that this notice will also trigger the renter’s ability to serve the rental provider with a 2 week notice to vacate.


What package do I select?
  • The compliance packages are based on number of gas appliances inside the property. You are charged based on no gas, 1 gas or 2 plus gas appliances. If you unsure as to how many gas appliances you have inside your property, please reach out to your property manager for assistance.
The compliance packages are not cheap. What am I getting for my money?
If my property is not complaint, what happens next and what is the cost?
  • If the compliance company comes back with any issues, they will provide a full report along with a quote to make compliant. You can choose to approve that quote or get another quote from a qualified electrician or plumber.

New Business:

What are your fees?
  • To discuss how Besser+Co. Can manage your investment property, please contact our office on 9531 1000 and one of our agents will be able to provide you with our fees and services.
How do I arrange an appraisal of my property?
  • To discuss how Besser+Co. Can manage your investment property, please contact our office on 9531 1000 and one of our agents will be able to provide you with our fees and services.