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Property Management St Kilda

About St Kilda

The popular suburb of St Kilda is just six kilometres from Melbourne’s city centre. This suburb offers panoramic views of Port Phillip, Melbourne’s famous St Kilda beach, an abundance of restaurants, several local parks, and a fascinating history highlighted by the presence of heritage buildings.

Locals and tourists cherish local attractions, including Luna Park, the Esplanade Hotel, Fitzroy Street, and a variety of annual events.

How are we different from other property management companies?

Quick Solutions

You can depend on our team of professionals to work for you seven days a week and to consistently deliver exceptional solutions for your property. As part of our commitment to providing the highest level of service, we have developed our policy of returning all phone calls on the same day or within 24 hours of receiving them.

Property-related solutions in one place

The benefit of partnering with Besser+Co is that we can offer a full range of solutions in one place that can be tailored specifically to your requirements. These solutions include renting, buying, selling and managing properties. The expertise of our team means that we can offer solutions for your property at every stage of life.

Best use of technology

As a result of integrating advanced technology into our company, we can provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services. Our management portal lets you access real-time information about your property, a tenant hub connecting you to relevant resources and services, and a partnership with Taxi Box for convenient storage.

Property Management St Kilda

Partnering with Besser+Co, a reputed real estate company in the St Kilda area, conveys the class and quality of our team’s work and the impact we can bring to your property in the local market.

As a property management company in St Kilda, our licensed professionals are knowledgeable about the local market and current and projected trends. We will seamlessly handle all the intricacies of managing a residential estate and maximise your investment’s return.

Our latest properties in St Kilda

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St Kilda

130 Carlisle Street
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St Kilda

G08/25-29 Alma Road

Property Management St Kilda - FAQs

What is the average fee for a property management company in St Kilda?

On average, in Melbourne, property managers charge 6 per cent of your weekly rental as their ongoing management fee, which can be as low as 5 per cent and as high as 12 per cent. For example, if you are earning $400 per week for your property, at 6 percent, that’s $24.00 a week.

How many inspections are required for property in St Kilda?

Victorian Residential Tenancies Act (2021) states that inspections start after the tenant has lived at the property for three months. After this period, inspections are periodic, generally every six months.

Do I get a dedicated property manager for my property in St Kilda?

We aim to provide our clients with a team member to advocate, communicate and represent their interests. However, our team works together and is available to you to optimise your experience with Besser+Co.