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Buyer testimonial | 3 bedroom villa unit

Besser + Co Estate Agents

Buyer’s Testimonial

My experience with dealing with Dion was extremely positive he was very attentive. We probably had a lot more questions than most of the other purchases that he would deal with and he was very patient.

What separates Dion from other agents is that they’re quite invested in the properties not only selling on behalf of vendor, He’s selling on behalf of the vendor and himself. He took the time to explain all the intricacies of the contract to us, the property itself.

He taught us about his own personal experiences. He gave us a lot of really good advice even before the auction which obviously assisted us during the auction. I would definitely recommend Dion to others both as a purchaser as well as if you wanted to sell place.

We were “really happy with the level of service he gave us right up until the end and even after the auction” as well and it was really pleasant to deal with and extremely helpful.