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Marcel Dybner

February 19, 2017

Marcel is the go-to property management expert, building a dedicated following of clients who confidently refer friends and family. Marcel’s passion for real estate has led to interviews and articles in Smart Company Magazine,,, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Australian Property Investor Magazine, The Real Estate Conversation and other industry specific publications and local newspapers, via his blog,

A moment with Marcel:

What do you love about Besser + Co.?
I’ve worked at large Real Estate agencies and had a lot of choices when I was looking for my next step in Real Estate. I was attracted to Besser + Co because of they ethos in the organization. It wasn’t about ego, it wasn’t about show, it was about building an exciting Real Estate industry in a highly competitive environment. Dion & Bill have worked very hard to get the business to where it is now and it was built purely on hard work and quality service – this aligned with who I am and the organization I wanted to be apart of.

What keeps you passionate about real estate?
Working in Real Estate allows you to have the most interesting conversations with people from all walks of life – everyone is interested in real estate and has an opinion about what’s happening. Meeting people and connecting with them is what I enjoy most about working in the real estate industry.