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Laurence Damiani

November 6, 2019

Laurence brings to Besser & Co an extensive network of high-net worth and sophisticated investors, as well as decades of experience in the financial services sector, enabling him to offer Besser and Co. clients trusted advice in building their real estate portfolios.

He has an expert knowledge in valuations, wealth creation and lending portfolios, and believes that his banking experience and market expertise will take a boutique agency like Besser and Co. to the next level in real estate services.

Born in New York and working between New York, Sydney and Melbourne over the past 20+ year for companies like JP Morgan Chase, Westpac/Bank of Melbourne and Citibank; Laurence’s diverse background in global financial institutions means he can be a pivotal part of his clients’ process in developing their portfolios.

Now a dynamic local personality in the St Kilda East area as a homeowner just near the bustle of Carlisle Street – Laurence’s interest in real estate goes beyond his financial experience, he did an owner-builder renovation to his St Kilda East heritage-listed home with the foresight to incorporate a corporate AirBnB investment. He also has investment properties in both New York’s Upper West Side and Melbourne’s Balaclava.

Once you sit down and talk to Laurence, you will realise his passion, his presence and his engaging high energy will automatically give you that trusted feeling that you are on the right path. He blends his bold New York personality with the Australian relaxed nature and believes in ‘truth with manners’ – a concept that ensures he listens to your desires, needs and personal situation and helps you set up honest, realistic goals in creating your real estate portfolio that will propel your financial situation forward.

Laurence enjoys spending time with friends, observing social behaviour, travelling and getting involved with a variety of communities, charities and organisations, with the ambition to sit on a corporate board in the future.