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Innovating in difficult times | 360 Virtual Property Tours

The team at Besser + Co. wanted to show you some exciting technology we have been working to implement over the last 48 hours. We have rolled out our first (of many) 360 Virtual Tours. Our rental properties are now available to inspect 24/7 from the comfort and safety of our potential tenants homes. We […]

Coronavirus: How some landlords are helping tenants get through the tough time

White knight Melbourne landlords are offering to reduce or suspend rental payments indefinitely as a growing pool of tenants face being unable to afford their homes amid the coronavirus crisis. Besser + Co head of property management Marcel Dybner said while he’d also been hearing from some anxious tenants, he’d been flooded with calls from […]

7 ways to stay sane (& healthy) while in self isolation

Here are some ways you can make the most of your time at home. 1. MAKE GOOD CHOICES Choose positive uplifting movies or activities such as board games. Stay connected to family members. 2. DIVE INTO A GOOD BOOK Have a great book at hand to pass the time, there is nothing better than getting […]

Converting your Airbnb to a long term rental

With global travel coming to a near screeching halt, airlines and hotels aren’t the only one’s facing difficult times. This week Airbnb announced that any guests who made reservations on or before 14th March can cancel their bookings with no fee’s or penalties. This is a positive for guests but it means that Airbnb hosts are […]

New pet laws take a bite out of landlords rights

On Monday 2 March, 2020, one of the most controversial changes to the rental laws will take effect. Landlords across Victoria will lose the right to say “no, I’d prefer no pets in my property”. Victorian landlords will no longer be able to “unreasonably” refuse a tenant from having a pet in their property. As […]


PART 1: HOW T O FIND GREAT TENANTS The key to any good investment property is finding and keeping good tenants.  How do you attract top quality tenants that are going to treat your property like it’s their own and consistently pay their rent on time? Well here are three things to consider when you […]

Is this the year you buy your first home?

If buying your first home was your New Years resolution. Here are a few important factors for you to consider. If buying your first home was on your list of New Years resolutions (along with the old classics of going to the gym more and eating healthier) then there’s no better time to start putting […]