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How to stop late rent payments

Owning an investment property can be one of the most financially rewarding decisions you can make. When property investment runs smoothly, your tenant covers a large portion (if not all) of your mortgage repayments and you gain all the benefits of capital growth with minimal ongoing outlay. But it’s not always smooth sailing and one […]

What to do if your tenant isn’t paying their rent?

One of the risks of owning an investment property is your tenant not paying their rent. As agents, we do what we can to minimise the risk of this occurring by checking prospective tenant’s employment, previous rental history and ‘bad tenant’ databases. But peoples financial situations can change and even after doing all the relevant […]

The secret to attracting the best tenants for your investment property

The secret to attracting the best tenants for your investment property. The key to any good investment property is finding and keeping good tenants. But how do you attract top quality tenants who are going to treat your property like it’s their own and consistently pay their rent on time? Here’s three things you should […]

Renovating a rental property – Take control of your rental return

If you’re not getting the rental return you want for your investment property – do something about it! If you’re like most investors, you let the market dictate how much your property is worth but serious investors look at ways to add value to their property and renovating can be a very profitable strategy. When […]

How to buy a house at auction – 8 essential tips

I love Real Estate auctions. From the awkward silence before the first bid, to the grand finale where two parties battle it out with a subtle hand raise or nod of the head. The energy and excitement is unbelievable to be a part of. But when you’re actually there to buy your dream home it […]

The 5 questions most people forget to ask before buying a property

Real Estate agents are just one of the list of professionals you will deal with when purchasing a property. It’s important that you ask them the right questions so that you clearly understand the process. Here are key questions you need to ask. Is anything being built in the area? Infrastructure can either be detrimental […]

Renting with pets

Renting with pets – Everything you need to know. Australia has one the highest rates of pet ownership per household in the world but finding a rental property that is pet-friendly isn’t an easy task. Throughout the country rental lease agreements tend to not mention keeping pets or state that the tenant will require written […]