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10 Tips for First Time Landlords

Being a landlord is a big achievement in Australia with only 7.9% of Australians owning an investment property. As daunting as it is for first time property investors, there are certain things you need to know about property investing that will set you up for great returns and stress free tenancies well into the future. […]

Melbourne’s best performing suburbs over the last 20 years

We all know that Real Estate is a long term investment – so what Melbourne suburbs have outperformed the rest over the last 20 years? Probably not the ones that came to mind first. If you could go back to 1995 and spend a million dollars on property, where would you buy? Toorak, Brighton, Albert […]

What could make the housing bubble burst?

I’ve been hearing about a housing market bubble for over 10 years but what would actually cause the property market to crash? If you’re like me, your ears perk up a little when the property market’s discussed in the media. However, it seems like lately we’ve been recieving mixed messages about what the future holds. […]

What happens after you apply for a rental property?

What happens after you apply for a rental property? If you’re like most people in the rental market, you’ve probably spent all weekend inspecting rental properties, found one that you love and submitted your application. While you’re waiting patiently to find out if you’ve been approved, the Property Manager is trying to determine if you’re […]

Your guide to picking Property Investment hotspots

To make sure you enjoy long-term capital growth, you need to find the best possible location for your investment property. But amid all the advice being flung at you from Real Estate agents, family and friends, as well as your own prejudices to certain areas, how can you tell if an area’s investment potential is […]

Attract the best tenants with these three tips

Q. What’s the secret to finding good tenants for my rental property? The key to any good investment property is finding and keeping good tenants. But how do you attract top quality tenants who are going to treat your property like it’s their own and pay their rent on time? In my experience, finding the […]

How to work out the rental value of a property

Q: We’re looking to buy an investment property but not sure if we can trust the rental indicated by the selling agent. How can we accurately work out what we’ll be able to rent the property out for? There are actually a number of factors to take into consideration when deciding how much rent to […]

The most common mistakes landlords make

The most common mistakes newer landlords make and how to avoid them. Becoming a first time landlord can be stressful, especially if you’re taking on the responsibility of managing the tenant and property yourself. But with the right advice and the right team around you, you can look forward to a relatively stress free and […]

How to buy an investment property while you’re still young.

How to buy an investment property while you’re still young. Buying your first investment property is generally considered something you should do later in life, when you have more disposable income and you’ve built up some experience in buying and selling property – usually your family home. While there is nothing wrong with purchasing investment […]

Is your tenant illegally renting your property on Airbnb?

Is your property being illegally sublet on Airbnb without your knowledge? After a lengthy court battle, the Victorian Supreme Court last week found that a couple who rented a St Kilda apartment and then listed it on Airbnb is in breach of their lease. This ruling overturns a previous VCAT hearing which stopped the landlord […]