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Changing Property Management Companies in 2021

For most property investors, the moment you realise you should change property management companies is when it’s too late. After speaking to many of my clients, it’s obvious there were a lot of red flags over the years that they should have picked up on but didn’t. This was either through lack of experience or […]

Selling your property during the COVID-19 Pandemic | A better way

At Besser + Co. Estate Agents, we create your campaign on a case by case basis and build a strategy that suits your needs and the market at the time. As such we have added a number of new features that will help us achieve the best price possible during these tough times. Strategy: Private […]

Is it the right time to sell?

There is no question we are living through unprecedented times. Many homeowners we are currently speaking with have shown an interest in selling, however, they are very unsure of the current property market. The purpose of this blog is to inform you about the results and buyer activity we have seen over the past few […]

Should you defer your mortgage repayments during the Coronavirus?

Some banks are offering borrowers the ability to defer their home loan payments for up to 6 months – as a landlord myself I wanted to get a better understanding of how this works and what the consequences are of doing so. As many homeowners and landlords face difficult decisions on how they’ll get through […]

How to book your private property inspection

In the last week Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced new limits on gatherings due to Coronavirus. The announcement stated that open house inspections, auction houses, gatherings in auction rooms and real estate auctions can no longer continue for now. As a result of the above limitations and the demand from buyers to continue inspecting properties, we have adapted quickly in […]

Innovating in difficult times | 360 Virtual Property Tours

The team at Besser + Co. wanted to show you some exciting technology we have been working to implement over the last 48 hours. We have rolled out our first (of many) 360 Virtual Tours. Our rental properties are now available to inspect 24/7 from the comfort and safety of our potential tenants homes. We […]

Coronavirus: How some landlords are helping tenants get through the tough time

White knight Melbourne landlords are offering to reduce or suspend rental payments indefinitely as a growing pool of tenants face being unable to afford their homes amid the coronavirus crisis. Besser + Co head of property management Marcel Dybner said while he’d also been hearing from some anxious tenants, he’d been flooded with calls from […]

7 ways to stay sane (& healthy) while in self isolation

Here are some ways you can make the most of your time at home. 1. MAKE GOOD CHOICES Choose positive uplifting movies or activities such as board games. Stay connected to family members. 2. DIVE INTO A GOOD BOOK Have a great book at hand to pass the time, there is nothing better than getting […]

Converting your Airbnb to a long term rental

With global travel coming to a near screeching halt, airlines and hotels aren’t the only one’s facing difficult times. This week Airbnb announced that any guests who made reservations on or before 14th March can cancel their bookings with no fee’s or penalties. This is a positive for guests but it means that Airbnb hosts are […]